Unique Programme Guarantee Rent How It work.

Prime Proper vacation Homes Rental LLC
Proper Property Sister Company Is Prime Proper Holidays Homes Rentals LLC. 
Prime Proper will sign a lease agreement ( Ijari) with Landlord for a fix term and pay Guarantee rent every month regardless if the property is vacant or rented. Sound good get intouch today.
  • Prime Proper Will Lease the property for 1-2 years.
  • Achieve market value rent on the property.
  • Pay you the rent on the same day every month, guaranteed.
  • Pay 12 Cheque in Advance every year for your peace of mind.
  • All Minor damage and repair bills covered by us Unless it is something Major Like AC, Water Heater, Any Major Plumbing Repair Leakage.
  • Prime Property have permission to Sublet the units to its prospective Clients.
  • We deal with all the tenant's queries, questions and complaints  
  • Fixed monthly payments for up to 2 years.
  • A fully managed property service as part of the contract.
  • No extra charges or fees. 0% Commission
  • Your property will be cleaned and kept in best order to achieve best result and maximum occupancy.
  • Prime Proper Will Furnish the Apartment (Own Cost)
  • 1st Month Rent will start 30 days after possession to cover the initial time for preparing the units for Holidays rental which include Furnishing.

One of the biggest worries for landlords is not having a regular source of income: tenants pay their rent late or not at all, rental prices dip, or your property fails to generate rental income as it is currently empty.

Our Guaranteed Rent scheme overcomes all these problems, giving landlords financial security and peace of mind.

We operate guaranteed rent scheme across Dubai UAE, where there is a high demand for properties.

Profit Sharing Scheme What We Offer


In this plan we share the profit with landlord which will increase earning and we guarantee minimum annual rent to achieve.

On a initial meeting we visit the property to understand if it is a right property for holidays let and appraise it’s minimum rental value.

  • If agreed the landlord will bear the cost of finishes the property
  • Upon hand over to Prime Proper we will start renting the property all rant we receive will be deposit to the landlord account less our commission which is between 10% to 20% (depend on the size of Property)
  • In average we have over 90% occupancy that is we can guarantee a minimum rental income per annual if we fail to achieve will pay the different end of every 12 months.

In this scheme landlord will make average 15 to 20 more annual rent plus he/she always have access to his/her property if you decide to sell or to even live in your property for a period of time with prior arrangement. (Ideal for people who have buy property as a holidays home.)

Prime Proper Vacation Homes Rental LLC

Manager Partner Salman Naeem Munir.


Prime Proper (Prime Proper Holiday Homes Rental LLC) is a DTCM licensed Operator managing vacation rental apartments for short term stay in Dubai. Managing over 100 properties in Dubai we are established in 2016.

Managing Short Let Homes is not an easy job it take’s dedication Care and responsibility. Our Guest feedback is the key in this business and keeping them all happy is what we do.

Company is Run by Manager Partner Mr. Salman Naeem Munir who is young and committed to his job. Rest assure that your property will always stays in perfect condition as we cannot rent it unless it is clean presentable and most of all run by smiling staff.

Prime property office base in International City Dubai and always ready for any challenge.

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